Abner Afuang, 77, is a seasoned public official who began his career as a decorated but controversial Makati cop in the 1970s, receiving a Most Outstanding Police Officer award for an infamous shootout in Magallanes, Makati with his former anti-crime colleague and then-Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim.

Afuang joined the National Bureau of Investigation as an agent in the early 1990s before becoming a municipal Mayor of Pagsanjan, Laguna from 1998 to 2001. He also became a bounty hunter after his time in law enforcement, inspiring the 1988 film "Afuang: Bounty Hunter."

He made the headlines several more times, participating in a number of demonstrations, including the burning of the flags of foreign states, both to assert Philippine sovereignty and the rights of Filipinos both at home and abroad.

In his most high-profile protest, Afuang disrupted a May 2009 Senate hearing on a lewd scandal when he poured water on Dr. Hayden Kho, a compromise from his initial intent to throw a chair at Kho after Afuang was overcome by his emotions.. He was arrested, detained and charged for disturbance of proceedings but later released after the Pasay Regional Trial Court dismissed the charges upon recommendation by the prosecution’s office.

He wrote an opinion column in a national tabloid paper, “Hataw: Diyaryo ng Bayan”, from 2014 to 2016, commentating on various social and political issues such as drugs and criminality, various politicians, social justice and the West Philippine Sea dispute, among others.

Afuang in 2019 garnered only 559,001 votes and ranked 42 out of 62 Senate aspirants. On his second try for the Senate, he is advancing an anti-illegal drug and anti-China agenda.

Afuang has repeated the unproven claim that COVID-19 is a man-made disease. As of this writing, the origin of the virus causing COVID-19 has yet to be proven.

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Foreign policy
Related Policy Proposal:
Will fight against illegal drugs
Previous Platform:
In his 2019 Senate campaign, he was:
  1. In favor of the death penalty by firing squad
  2. Opposed to the Duterte administration's war on illegal drugs, but would support using the police’s anti-illegal drug operation “Oplan Tokhang” against evil, corrupt and narco-politicians to in Congress
  3. Against lowering the age of criminal responsibility, since it would make the youth collateral damage
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:
Deviation from Previous Platform:
Related Policy Proposal:
Claims that he is running for Senate partly because the Philippines has become a province of China under the Duterte administration; he also claimed that “shabu” is a man-made product by China, and repeated the unverified hypothesis that COVID-19 is a man-made disease (this is contrary to the phase one report findings by WHO and China that the exact origin of COVID-19 is still unknown)
Previous Platform:
In his 2019 campaign, he said that he believed the claims of then-presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte that he would be strong against China
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:
Protested against Chinese aggression in the disputed areas in Ayungin and Panatag shoals and in the West Philippine Sea, including burning of Chinese flags
Deviation from Previous Platform:
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Public Office

After Afuang completed his lone term in public office as municipal mayor of Pagsanjan, he vied for other positions numerous times–Pagsanjan mayor, Laguna vice governor, Manila councilor and the Senate; he lost all such races.

In October 2015, he filed a petition with the Commission on Elections to have the former governor of Laguna, ER Ejercito, and his son Jorge Antonio Ejercito declared as nuisance candidates after the duo allegedly made a mockery of the elections when they filed their candidacy for the same gubernatorial post in Laguna and considering the older Ejercito’s disqualification and removal from his position due to campaign overspending in 2013. Afuang’s petition was dismissed in February 2016, due to Afuang’s lack of legal standing and lack of merit.

Private Sector

Afuang became a bounty hunter and businessman after his law enforcement career ended.

In 1988, Afuang: Bounty Hunter, a local Filipino biographical action film in 1988 based on Afuang’s life story and starring Philip Salvador, was produced and released by Viva Films. That was not Afuang’s only brush with the entertainment industry–according to GMA News Online, he has also been a former actor under Sampaguita Pictures.

Afuang would later pen an opinion column in a national tabloid paper, commentating on various social and political issues such as drugs and criminality, various politicians, social justice and the West Philippine Sea dispute, among others.

Afuang made the news when during protests, he burned a Singaporean flag in 1995 to protest the abuse of migrant workers, a Chinese flag in 2012 in relation to the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal standoff, a Malaysian flag to object to President Benigno Aquino III's alleged failure to protect and support the Filipinos killed in bloody attacks in Sulu in March 2013.

He burned Chinese flags thrice in 2014 – protesting in February the cancellation of visa-free travels to Hong Kong for Filipino public officials after the deadly August 2010 hostage crisis at Quirino Grandstand, in April over the harassment of a Philippine Navy vessel by the Chinese coast guard on Ayungin Shoal, and in November to oppose China’s continuing reclamation activities in the West Philippine Sea.

Opinion columnist
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Hataw: Diyaryo ng Bayan, a daily national tabloid
2014- 2016
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Complaint filed for violating Article 144 of the Revised Penal Code, or “disturbance of proceedings”, after Afuang poured water on Dr. Kho during a Senate hearing on a lewd scandal Incident at a Senate hearing in May 2009 Complaint dismissed and he was released days later by the Pasay City RTC upon recommendation by the prosecution’s office
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Since he has not held an official government position since 2001, Afuang has not been required to disclose his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth per the latest rules set by the Civil Service Commission.
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Labor Party of the Philippines
a.k.a. Worker and Peasants Party
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Major Advocacies

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Senior citizens welfare
Anti-graft and corruption
Abolition of the K-12 program
Economic reform
Senior citizens welfare
  1. Lowering of retirement age from 60 to 56 years old
  2. Higher discounts for medicine for senior citizens and persons with disabilities
  3. No fees in freeway, expressway, parking for senior citizens
  4. Free access to cinemas
  5. Increasing the senior citizens discount from 20% to 30%
Position/Date: Senatorial candidate, 2019
Status: Advocacy was a continuation of his previous initiative from his Senatorial campaign in 2019
Anti-graft and corruption
  1. End political dynasties, which have become a cottage industry among politicians
  2. Opposed numerous appointments of military generals in the Cabinet, which he said would lead to abuses
  3. Requiring job seekers who intend to work in government to undergo polygraph tests or lie detector tests
Position/Date: Senatorial candidate, 2019
Status: Advocacy was a continuation of his previous initiative from his Senatorial campaign in 2019
Abolition of the K-12 program
Believes the program is only accessible to children of rich families

Position/Date: Senatorial candidate, 2019
Status: No update for 2022 Senate campaign so far
Economic reform
  1. Abolition of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law and the value-added tax
  2. Opposed lifting of import restrictions on rice as it is against supporting local farmers
Position/Date: Senatorial candidate, 2019
Status: No update for 2022 Senate campaign so far
Personal Details

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Name to appear on the ballot: AFUANG, ABNER
Full Name: Abner Labastida Afuang
Birthdate: Mar. 22, 1944 (78 years old as of election day)
Birthplace: Pagsanjan, Laguna
Religion: Catholic
Languages Spoken: Filipino, English
Marital Status: Married, Susana Evelyn Banzon Hangad
  1. Bill Abner Hangad Afuang
  2. Ablyn Hangad Afuang Tiangco
Family Members in Government: Martin Dino - Undersecretary for Barangay Affairs, Department of the Interior and Local Government (nephew)

●Special Investigators Basic Training Course, NBI Academy, 1992

●BS in Criminology, Philippine College of Criminology, 1979

●Police Academy in Fort Bonifacio, 1972

Work Experience:

●Municipal Mayor, Pagsanjan, Laguna, 1998-2001

●Agent, National Bureau of Investigation, 1992-1995

●Makati Police Officer, 1972-1991