Rey Langit, 73, is a veteran multimedia journalist with one of the most recognizable on-air voices in the Philippines.

From humble beginnings in Tondo, Manila, he has built a multi-decade career hosting a variety of public service programs. He is currently the main anchor of the radio station DZRJ 810 and is the host of news programs “Kasangga Mo Ang Langit” and “Biyaheng Langit.”

The 2022 elections will be his fourth try for the Senate, promising in previous bids to uphold the welfare of the poor, act as a watchdog against corruption, and enact reforms that would help media practitioners.

He is currently running under the administration PDP-Laban ticket alongside another media personality, actor Robin Padilla, appointees of President Rodrigo Duterte, and Sagip Representative Rodante Marcoleta who played an outsized role in the lower house's non-renewal of ABS-CBN Corp.'s franchise.

Platform and Policy

The candidate's top priorities if elected to office, tracked against previous promises and accomplishments, if any

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Continuity of Duterte administration’s priorities
Legislative reforms
Related Policy Proposal:
  1. Promises to continue the poverty alleviation, peace and order, education reforms, job creation
  2. Promote the creation of an OFW department
Previous Platform:
After covering politics as a mediaman and critic, he ran for senator in 2016 to advocate for the welfare of the great majority of people who are suffering from poverty
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:
Hosted public service programs on radio and TV focusing on OFW welfare
Deviation from Previous Platform:
Related Policy Proposal:
  1. Strengthen treaties with other countries to protect our OFWs and ensure just compensation based on the global economy as well as decent and humane working conditions and standard of living
  2. Protect farmers and address the plummeting price of local rice supply, by revisiting the Rice Tariffication Law
  3. Focus on long-term sustainable development by strengthening cooperatives and opening more select industries for foreign direct ownership and investment (including telecommunication, transportation services, retail trade)
  4. To address the COVID-19 pandemic, use “resilience scoring” by checking vaccination coverage, virus-containment, quality of the health care system, overall mortality; review lockdown measures and other health protocols
  5. On corruption, help each other to stop dishonest practices and expose corrupt activities, to keep government officials and employees transparent, honest and accountable
  6. On the West Philippine Sea issue, aside from individual bilateral agreements, use the NATO principle, or having such strong ties that a harm against one member-state is acted upon by the other member-states
Previous Platform:
In 2010, he promised to remain the voice of the people and act as a watchdog against corruption and to push for transparency and accountability in government
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:
Deviation from Previous Platform:
Major Accomplishments

The candidate's top five accomplishments and contributions for the last 15 years or so

Private Sector

Langit is a multi-award winning journalist who first became famous in his coverage of the 1986 People Power revolution. He had successful television and radio programs as well as columns in various publications. He claims to have coined the moniker “People Power” to describe the people-led uprising that toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986.

Weekly public affairs programs
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Weekly public affairs programs on RJ DigiTV and PTV:
  • Insider Exclusive Kaphihan
  • Kasangga Mo Ang Langit
  • Biyaheng Langit
  • AM Radio station DZRJ 810 kHz nationwide program

Host; Main anchorman (DZRJ radio station)
Management of AM Radio station DZRJ 810 kHz and Aliw Broadcasting Corporation
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Station Manager and vice president, until 2016
Left to run for senator in 2016
To Saudi with Love program
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Metro Manila Banat, radio show on DZRH
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Radio broadcaster, 1975-1986
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Campaign Details

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Party History:
Partido ng Demokratikong Reporma-Lapiang
Manggagawa (Reporma-LM)
Lakas Kampi-CMD
United Nationalist Alliance
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Personal Details

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Name to appear on the ballot: LANGIT, REY
Full Name: Reynante “Rey” Magat Langit
Birthdate: Sept. 20, 1948 (73 years old on election day)
Birthplace: Pampanga, Philippines
Languages Spoken: Filipino; English
  • Father, government employee

  • Mother, seamstress
Marital Status: Married, Ester Dino Langit
  • Reyester Langit (deceased)
  • Reynante “JR” Langit Jr.,co-host of news program “Kassanga Mo ang Langit”

Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Far Eastern University

Work Experience:

Main anchor for radio station “DZRJ 810”

Host of news programs “Kassanga Mo Ang Langit” and “Biyaheng Langit”

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization