Raffy Tulfo, 61, is a veteran broadcast journalist, commentator and multi-media personality whose public service programs on radio, television and YouTube garner millions of listeners and subscribers and billions of views. He and his brothers, Ramon, Ben and Erwin, have courted both fame and controversy with what critics and other media practitioners have referred to as their vigilante style of journalism.

Tulfo’s most successful public service shows, Wanted sa Radyo and Idol in Action) are centered on directly engaging with listeners and viewers, providing an informal venue for lodging complaints and nudging “follow-up” action on previous reports, connecting help-seeking callers both with government agencies or private entities and mediating relationship squabbles.

He has been convicted on six counts of libel over his articles on Abante Tonite.

This is Tulfo's first bid for public office. His wife, Jocelyn Pua Tulfo, was elected to represent the Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support or ACT-CIS Party-List in 2019. His brother Erwin Tulfo is also running as first nominee of ACT-CIS in 2022. ACT-CIS, which topped the party-list race in 2019, was organized to support President Duterte’s anti-crime platform. Their sister, Wanda Corazon Tulfo-Teo, was tourism secretary since 2016 when she and brothers Ben and Erwin were involved in a P60-million conflict of interest scandal relating to DOT advertisements placements in Ben Tulfo’s shows on PTV4; she denied the allegations but resigned in 2018. Ramon Tulfo was appointed special envoy for public diplomacy to China in October 2018, re-appointed for another six months in May 2019 and was reportedly unsure of the status of his post since his appointment lapsed but had not been revoked.

In November 2021, a woman claiming to be his legal wife, Julieta Licup Pearson, filed a petition to nullify Tulfo’s candidacy based on misdeclarations in his certificate of candidacy and a bigamy case filed against Tulfo before the Office of the Prosecutor in 2019 and allegedly pending review by the Department of Justice. Tulfo had earlier admitted that he had a child with Pearson but claimed that the bigamy case was filed merely to extort money from him.

Tulfo says he is seeking a Senate seat to fix the “broken system in government” that he claims makes his shows a necessity for ordinary Filipinos. Drawing from the problems raised on his show’s action center, he cites three areas he will prioritize – overseas Filipino workers, labor and family.

Platform and Policy

The candidate's top priorities if elected to office, tracked against previous promises and accomplishments, if any

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Protection of labor rights
Protection of media workers
Related Policy Proposal:
  1. Wage theft law, pass a law that will protect laborers from wage theft i.e. underpayment, failure to provide benefits, etc.
  2. Creation of a department for migrant workers
Previous Platform:
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:

Public service shows on radio and television providing platforms for ordinary citizens, including laborers and OFWs and their families, to air complaints and seek assistance

Deviation from Previous Platform:
Related Policy Proposal:
  1. Pass a magna carta for media workers
  2. Support the passage of a bill filed by Rep. Niña Taduran (ACT-CIS Partyist) at the House of Representatives that seeks to provide enhanced protection, security and benefits to media workers
  3. Support media workers getting protection, including the grant of permit to carry firearms right away if evidence of harassment and receipt of death threats is clear and after receiving proper training in gun handling
Previous Platform:
Track Record / Accomplishment; Date:
Libel charges have been brought up against Tulfo; he was convicted in 2019 and acquitted in 2021
Has expressed support for the reopening of ABS-CBN, especially for the benefits of its employees who were laid off
Deviation from Previous Platform:
Major Accomplishments

The candidate's top five accomplishments and contributions for the last 15 years or so

Private Sector

Tulfo started his broadcast journalism career in the early 1990s, including his long-running radio show, Wanted sa Radyo. Since then, he has amassed a faithful following on both traditional and online media platforms, in which the tough-talking host hears out aggrieved callers and gets in touch with the subjects of their complaints.

His shows have been criticized for encouraging outbursts and accusations, ambushing the subject of the complaints and casting hasty and unverified imputations against them. Tulfo defends his style of direct engagement with both his audience and targets as an informal but necessary venue for the poor and powerless, pointing out that his callers either do not have the resources to seek justice or assistance, or have exhausted ordinary courses of remedy.

He has also written columns for widely circulated tabloid newspapers, Abante Tonite, Abanta and Pinoy Parazzi, providing commentary on political and social issues.

While gaining fans and some awards for his work, Tulfo has also faced controversies and legal challenges. In May 2012, the show he hosted with brothers Ben and Raffy, T3, was suspended for 20 days by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board over remarks and insults made by them against celebrity spouses Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto following an airport altercation with other brother Ramon Tulfo. The incident also caused the spouses to file complaints for grave threats and seek a protection order; the complaints were later dropped and the petition for a writ of amparo denied.

Tulfo also found legal trouble from his writing; he was sued for libel for articles he wrote for Abante Tonite. He was convicted in one set of cases, acquitted in another.


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Actions and/or Proceedings

Actions and/or proceedings pending against or resolved in courts or tribunals involving the candidate, based on publicly available information

Pending Actions and/or Proceedings

Subject Matter Relevant Dates Potential Liability Status
A petition to nullify Tulfo’s certificate of candidacy for Senate was filed by Julieta Licup (a.k.a. Julieta Pearson) over misdeclarations made by Tulfo and the pending bigamy case filed against him Petition filed on Oct. 25, 2021 Disqualification from the 2022 election NA
Julieta Licup filed a bigamy case before the Office of the City Prosecutor in Quezon City, allegingthat Tulfo’s 1982 marriage with Licup “is still subsisting” when he married his second wife, Jocelyn in 1993 (and again in 1995) • First marriage in 1982

• Alleged bigamous marriage in 1993 (and 1995)

• Complaint filed in 2019
• For the principal offender (bigamous spouse), imprisonment for a duration of six years and one day to 12 years

• For the accomplice (the “second” spouse”), imprisonment for a duration of six months and one day to six years
Case is under petition for review before the justice department

Resolved Actions and/or Proceedings

Subject Matter Relevant Dates Accrued Liability Status
Fourteen counts of libel were charged against Tulfo (and the publisher and the managing editor of Abante Tonite) over articles on the alleged anomalous dealings of Atty. Carlos “Ding” So of the Bureau of Customs • On Feb. 28, 2005, the RTC of Pasay City convicted the three accused for 14 counts of libel, and imposed a penalty of imprisonment, fine and payment of damages

• Upon motion for reconsideration, the CA acquitted the three accused on eight counts but sustained the conviction for six counts of libel, and ordered modified damages

• Tulfo and his two co-accused petitioned the Supreme Court for review
None On Jan. 11, 2011, the SC granted the petitions and reversed the conviction by the RTC and acquitted the petitioners.
Michael C. Guy filed a libel case against Raffy Tulfo (and seven other Abante executives) over an defamatory article written by Tulfo in his column in Abante Tonite • Article published on Mar. 24, 2004

• RTC of Makati convicted all the accused for libel and ordered payment of fine and damages on Feb. 24, 2010

• Upon Tulfo and the others’ appeals, the CA affirmed the guilty finding but lowered damages to be paid to Guy, on Aug. 30, 2013 and again on June 13, 2014

• Guy petitioned the SC to reinstate the RTC ruling in relation to the damages, on Aug. 26, 2014
Tulfo and his seven co-accused were ordered to pay GuyP500,000 as moral damages; Pl,000,000 as exemplary damages; and P211,200.00 as attorney’s fees On Apr. 10, 2019, the SC partially granted the petition, ordering payment of damages and attorney’s fees

Grave threats

Two counts of grave threat charges were filed against Raffy Tulfo (his brothers Ben and Erwin Tulfo faced different counts of grave threats) for allegedly threatening celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto on national television a day after their eldest brother Ramon Tulfo figured in an airport brawl with the couple in May 2012
• Remarks made during their television program T3 on May 7, 2012

• Grave threats: Charges filed before the Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court in December 2012

• Writ of Amparo: The spouses Santiago also filed a petition for the issuance of a writ of amparo or protection order on May 11, 2012 before the RTC; a temporary protection order was issued

• RTC dismissed the petition and dissolved the TPO, ruling that the writ of amparo was an improper remedy

• The spouses Santiago filed a petition for review before the SC
NA • Grave threats: Charges were junked in November 2013 as the complainants failed to show up in court

Writ of amparo: The SC affirmed the RTC ruling and denied the petition, holding that the Amparo rule has been limited to remedy extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearance, or threats thereof
Senior Police Officer 3 Abubakhar Maglangit filed a libel case against Tulfo (and Erwin Tulfo) for calling him a gun-wielding, water-stealing thief on their TV5 program, T3, in 2011 Complaint filed in 2014

Quezon City RTC Branch 92 issued the arrest warrant for the Raffy and Erwin Tulfo on June 24, 2014

The brothers posted bail
NA Case dismissed by RTC
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth

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There is no publicly available information on this matter at this time. Requested information from the candidate was not provided.
Campaign Details

Key details about the candidate's campaign

Alliances and Endorsements: Guest candidate for the tandems of Lacson-Sotto and Pacquiao-Atienza
Party History:
Major Donors

Candidate's major donors and campaign funding sources

There is no publicly available information on this matter at this time. Requested information from the candidate was not provided.
Major Advocacies

The candidate's top advocacies in the last 15 years or so

Worker and OFW welfare
ACT-CIS party-list
ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Worker and OFW welfare
Throughout his career as a broadcast journalist and public service show host, and as senatorial candidate for 2022
Based on his experience in “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” his legislative priorities would be to improve the protection of rights of laborers, OFWs, and media workers.
ACT-CIS party-list

Supported and endorsed ACT-CIS party-list in 2019, which would garner the most party-list votes in the 2019 election
Public service show host, 2019-present
Tulfo’s wife, Jocelyn, is an incumbent ACT-CIS representative and she and his brother Erwin Tulfo are running as ACT-CIS nominees in 2022
ABS-CBN franchise renewal
Supports the reopening of ABS-CBN, especially due to the thousands of employes who lost their jobs, even after the House committee on legislative franchises rejected the renewal bid in July 2020

In an October 2021 radio segment, Tulfo noted that there could be a clash between the “16 million vs 42 million or 50 million” people who voted for Duterte in 2016 and the subscribers of ABs-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel
Public service show host and as senatorial candidate for 2022
Tulfo said that he understood why some Duterte supporters unfollowed hum on YouTube over his stance on ABS-CBN but sought to clear up a “misunderstanding” about his comparison of the numbers of Duterte voters and ABS-CBN subscribers, stressing that he was still supportive of President Duterte
Personal Details

Basic information on the candidate's family, background and work experience

Name to appear on the ballot: TULFO, IDOL RAFFY
Full Name: Rafael “Idol Raffy” Teshiba Tulfo
Birthdate: Mar. 12, 1960 (62 years old on election day)
Birthplace: Davao City, Davao
Residence: Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Religion: NA
Languages Spoken: Filipino, English, Bisaya, Chabacano
    Ramon Silvestre Tulfo Sr. (1915-1985; 60), father
    Caridad Alvar Teshiba-Tulfo (1925; 97), mother
*Raffy Tulfo is the eighth child among 10 siblings
    Ramon “Mon” Teshiba Tulfo, TV host, radio broadcaster and columnist
    Bienvenido "Ben" Teshiba Tulfo, TV/radio personality
    Erwin Teshiba Tulfo, TV/radio news anchor and broadcaster
    Wanda Corazon Tulfo-Teo, Department of Tourism Secretary (2016-2018)
Marital Status:
    Married, (1993 and 1995);
    Jocelyn Pua Tulfo, ACT-CIS Partylist Representative, 2019-present
    Married (1982); Julieta Nacpil Licup (a.k.a. Julieta Licup Pearson)
    Grendy Licup Tulfo (daughter with Julieta Licup Pearson)

    Children with Jocelyn Tulfo:
    Maricel Tulfo, segment host of Idol in Action
    Ralph Tulfo
Education: Says he did not finish college, no publicly available information on his high school education
Work Experience:

• Broadcast Journalist

• host and anchor of numerous public service programs

• TV Personality Columnist