Rey Valeros Jr., 55, is a mariner and natural health advocate. He is the founder of the No to Mandatory Vaccination group and the director of the Anti-Narcotics International Assistance Group.

He has participated in a number of anti-vaccination protests since 2021 and was arrested for violation of local ordinances on Jan. 12, 2022, in Ermita, Manila. Valeros insists that he is not an anti-vaxxer, noting that he has been vaccinated against several diseases throughout his life. However, he opposes mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, incorrectly claiming that the vaccines are still experimental.

In truth, COVID-19 vaccines approved for use by local regulators underwent the three required phases of testing.

He has allied with other anti-COVID-19 vaccine groups which endorse a range of treatments and pharmaceuticals that are not among the prescribed protocols of the World Health Organization, the local Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Health.

Valeros claims that he had no intention of running for office before the onset of the pandemic but has grown concerned about the protocols imposed on fellow citizens and the limited exploration of alternatives. If elected to the Senate, he says he will strengthen laws that promote natural medicine, intellectual honesty, and internal and external security.

Platform and Policy

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Promotion of natural healthcare
Related Policy Proposal:
  1. Strengthening existing laws to promote natural preventive medicines
  2. Avoid lockdowns and protocols that affect the lives of Filipinos due to reliance on foreign vaccines that he incorrectly describes as experimental
  3. Strengthening intellectual honesty among Filipino healthcare personnel, hospitals, DOH, FDA and other health departments
  4. Strengthen existing laws on the country’s internal and external security measures, eradicate self-inflicted threats to Filipinos and the country, and protect key personnel:
    1. Establish the best healthcare package for police and military forces, including never allowing them to be part of any medical experiment
    2. Ensure best healthcare and protection for Overseas Filipino Workers
  5. Safeguard citizens’ right to choose and right to life and health
  6. Craft laws that promote livestock raising and agriculture for food sustainability and discourage any form of importation of food that will endanger Filipino’s health
  7. Promote natural resources exploration, with revenue sharing for all
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Private Sector

Valeros is a former mariner and OFW, who has worked in international shipping fleets.

Actions and/or Proceedings

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Manila Police District arrested and charged six people, including Valeros, with violations of:
  1. RO 8627 (Mandatory Use of Facemask in All Public Places within the City of Manila)
  2. RO 8800 (Enhanced Vaccination Mandate)
  3. RA 11332 (Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act)
  4. Article 151 (Disobedience to Person in Authority) About 150 people affiliated with anti-vaccination group Gising Maharlika staged a protest at Liwasang Bonifacio Shrine in Ermita, Manila. They were arrested at an anti-vaccine rally, after refusing to wear face masks or present their vaccination cards
Anti-vaccination rally on Jan. 11, 2022

Inquest proceedings on Jan, 12, 2022
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Since he has not held an official government position, Valeros is not required to disclose his Statement of Assets Liabilities and Net Worth per the latest rules set by the Civil Service Commission.
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Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino
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There is no publicly available information on this matter at this time. Requested information from the candidate was not provided.
Major Advocacies

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Natural health
Anti-mandatory vaccination
Promotion of Fabunan anti-viral injection
Natural health
Intends to strengthen the implementation of laws such as Republic Act No. 8423, or the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997

Senatorial candidate, 2021-present
Anti-mandatory vaccination
  1. In general, as part of inherent life to life and choice
  2. Specifically, against what he deems to be hurriedly-made and experimental foreign vaccines against COVID-19
  3. Gravely concerned about the imposition of mandatory COVID-19 vaccination on children
Senatorial candidate, 2021-present

Status: Valeros participates in protests with other anti-COVID-19 vaccine groups which endorse a range of treatments and pharmaceuticals that are not among the prescribed protocols of the World Health Organization or the Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration or Department of Health

Further, Valeros is promoting a drug that has not been approved for use by the FDA
Promotion of Fabunan anti-viral injection
Claims, without basis, that it is a safe, effective and preventive medicine capable of curing any kind of virus. Also alleged that he presented it to top officials such as Senator Bong Go and Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, among others, but no public official has given equal consideration of the drug

Also claims that the drug’s efficacy has been suppressed in mainstream and social media, hence prompting him to run for office

Senatorial candidate, 2021-present

Status: The drug has not received FDA approval; in fact, use of the drug has been prohibited since April 2020 when the FDA issued a Cease and Desist Order dated Apr. 1, 2020 against the sole clinic that used it in the Philippines
Personal Details

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Name to appear on the ballot: VALEROS, REY
Full Name: Reynaldo “Rey” Ilan Valeros Jr.
Birthdate: (55 years old)
Languages Spoken: Filipino; English
Marital Status:
Work Experience:

●Director of Anti-Narcotics International Assistance Group, present

●Founder of No to Mandatory Vaccination group

●International Shipping Auditor

●Former overseas Filipino worker