We are about to forge another life-changing history that is set to create a domino effect in the lives of every Filipino. Come 2022, you'd want to know that you did everything you could to contribute, to collaborate, and make an impact in the Philippines by being registered and casting that vote.

Vote Pilipinas is the Philippines' one-stop-site for innovative, visual, and user-friendly information designed to provide you with everything you need to know on how to register and to vote. Every registered voter counts, and so do YOU.

What is Vote Pilipinas?

It's a one-stop-site for the latest updates about voters' registration and the 2022 elections. It's non-profit, non-partisan. An initiative to provide accessible and verifiable information to ensure that Filipinos are updated with news concerning the upcoming 2022 elections. Of course, it's a website. We want reach all Filipinos and increase the number of registered voters.

In partnership with the Commission on Elections, Vote Pilipinas is passion project executed by a team of like-minded individuals driven by the desire to contribute to impacting change in the Philippines. Leading up to 2022, we'll roll out information about registration, voting, and everything else under that umbrella.

We believe that every Filipino should be afforded the right to suffrage. You have a right to register, to access understandable information about their candidates, and most especially, You have the right to vote. 2022 is happening. 2022 is near.

If you have any concerns, questions, and suggestions, hit us up at [email protected]

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Our Journey
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