#MagparehistroKa Campaign

In 2019, there were 61.8 million registered voters in the Philippines.

Vote Pilipinas aimed to increase this number by 10% or by 7 million for the 2022 National and Local elections.

The campaign also aimed to increase voter turnout from the 75.9% turnout in the 2019 elections and the 81.95% in the 2016 elections.

1. To leverage on technology in simplifying the registration process & communication efforts of COMELEC.

Voter Registration Service Test Tool

Together with COMELEC, Vote Pilipinas developed this tool not only for people to check if they are registered, but also to provide the steps they needed to take in case they need to register, reactivate their status, or transfer or update details. This tool was officially launched in March 2021.

Tool Data

Data gathered from April to October 2021 shows that 204,886 people used the tool, while 11628 downloads were recorded. Majority of visitors were from the 19-25 age range, followed by those in 31-39 and 26-30 ranges.


Another feature of the site is the Help Desk, which was in the form of a Chatbot that helped answer the basic queries of people regarding voter's registration.

2. To provide Filipinos with relevant and unbiased non-partisan information, data, and news about the upcoming voters registration.

Through its partners, Vote Pilipinas was able to disseminate information about voter registration and reach more people.

Smart Communications Inc., the official technology partner of Vote Pilipinas, also released informational articles to the press.

PR firm Greenbulb covered the Vote Pilipinas Campaigns and Town Halls from March to October 2021, and disseminated it through their network.

3. To encourage Filipinos, and increase the number of registered voters for the 2022 elections.

Vote Pilipinas held regular town halls throughout the registration period from March - October 2021 to encourage people to register. COMELEC Representatives were present to answer any questions people might have. The first town hall was on March 24, 2021 where Vote Pilipinas launched the Voter Registration Service Test Tool. On May 9, 2021, the town hall served as the launch for the Voter Registration Month.

From July - August, town halls specific to the three major islands were conducted, featuring local election officers and organizations.

Near the end of the registration period, town halls for vulnerable sectors and Overseas Filipino Workers were conducted. A Grand Town Hall was done on October 27, 2021 as a culminating effort to get people registered to vote.

These events were streamed via Zoom on Facebook Live and Kumu.

#MagparehistroKa Challenge was aimed to drive more registered voters by incentivizing them with prizes when they register to vote. In this campaign, Smart provided major and minor prizes comprised of 5 Ipad units, 10 Oppo A94 phones, 20 Smart Bro Pocket Wifi, and 70 Smart and TNT call cards.

Vote Pilipinas, along with our partners, were able to award these challenge prizes to registered voters who participated:

4. To champion SDG 16 which is a call for strong institutions, contribute to the achievement 17 SDGs of the United Nations.

One of the key points of our campaign was to optimize our partners' reach not only through their external communities, but most especially to ensure that the internal members of the organization/company/school are informed and will be registered to vote. The goal is that 100% of our partners' employees, students, and households are registered.

The Voter Registration Mobilization Plan included and internal survey created by Vote Pilipinas to determine the number of registered and unregistered voters. This is followed by an internal town hall to inform employees about the voter registration process.

Three internal Town Halls were conducted with Smart, Lazada, and UP Los BaƱos.

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Vote Pilipinas is the official voter information campaign partner of the Commission on Elections.
Vote Pilipinas is a non-profit, non-partisan online and offline information campaign. In 2021, we helped mobilize Filipinos to register to vote. This 2022, we enabled all registered Filipinos to vote in the May 9 National and Local Elections.